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Presentations and Proceedings in English (Taro Urase)

(1) Chart Chiemchaisri, Taro Urase, Kazuo Yamamoto (1992): Bacterial flora in intermittent aerating membrane bioreactor, JSCE Environmental forum in Sendai.

(2) Chart Chiemchaisri, Wong Yen Kiat, Taro Urase, Kazuo Yamamoto (1992): Effect of DO on nitrogen removal in membrane separation bioreactor, JSWE annual meeting, 144-145, Tokyo.

(3) T. Urase, K. Yamamoto, S. Ohgaki (1993): Rejection mechanism of coliphage Q-beta in membrane separation process, World Filtration Congress, 6, 715-718, Nagoya.

(4) C. Ratanatamskul, T. Urase, K. Yamamoto, S. Ohgaki, N. Kamiko (1994): Rejection of anions by LPRO membranes under very low pressures as tertiary treatment for wastewater reclamation, JSCE annual meeting, 49, II-B, 1054-1055.

(5) C. Ratanatamskul, K. Yamamoto, T. Urase(1995): Rejection of anionic pollutants by nanofiltration under very low pressure operation as tertiary tratment for wastewater reclamation, Thailand – Japan Joint conference & Exhibition Solid – Fluid separation technology, 42 – 47, Bankok.

(6) Salequzzaman, T. Urase, T. Matsuo, N. Suzuki(1996): Assesment of heavy metal contamination of landfill leachates, JSCE annual meeting, 51, VII, 550-551.

(7) G. Herath, K. Yamamoto, T. Urase (1997): Rejection characteristics of microbial particles in membrane filtration with different solution environmeant, JSWE annual meeting, 31, 153.

(8) M. Thanuttamavong, T. Urase, K. Yamamoto(1999): A study on nanofiltration pilot plant of surface water for drinking water production, Proc. of IAWQ International Specialized Conference on Membrane Technology in Environmental Management, Tokyo, 448-451.

(9) M. Thanuttamavong, T. Urase, K. Yamamoto(1999): Difference in rejection behavior between trihalomethane precursors and inorganic salts by ultra low pressure nanofiltration, JSCE Environmental Forum, 36, 61-63.

(10) Jeong-ik Oh, Taro Urase, Kazuo Yamamoto(1999) : A study on arsenic rejection in groundwater with ultra low-pressure nanofiltration membrane process, Korean Society on Env. Eng.

(11) M. Thanuttamavong, Jeong-ik Oh, T. Urase and K. Yamamoto(2000): A Comparative study of six membranes in a nanofiltration pilot plant treating surface water for drinking water production, Membranes in Drinking and Industrial Water Production, Paris, France, 3-6 October 2000, Volume 1, 269-282.

(12) T.Urase (2001): High pressure reverse osmosis and low pressure nanofiltration in environmental management in Japan, An invited paper at 4th WISA-MTD symposium, Stellen bosch, South Africa, 6-9.

(13) T. Urase, K. Miyashita, K. O. Agenson (2001): Selectivity of pollutants in reverse osmosis of landfill leachates, Proc. of Membrane Technology for wastewater reclamation and reuse, 267-277, Tel-Aviv, Israel.

(14) K. O. Agenson, T. Urase (2001): Rejection of pollutants frequently found in landfill leachates by nanofiltration in low pressure range, JSCE Environmental Forum, 38, 145-147.

(15) J. I. Oh, T. Urase, K. Yamamoto (2002): Effect of Molar Volume on Rejection of Different Arsenic Species in Groundwater by Low-Pressure Nanofiltration, Proc. of International conference on Membranes in drinking and industrial water production, Mulheim, Germany. Abstract here

(16) Y. Suzuki, T. Urase, K. Nadaoka, H. Tamura, F. Siringan (2003): The distribution of metal concentration in sediments in Manila Bay, in Pasig River and in Laguna Lake, Philippines and lead as an indicator of the pollution by urban run-off, Proc. of the fourth regional symposium on infrastructure development in civil engineering (RSID 4), Bankok, Thailand, 151. (Full document in CD-ROM)

(17) K. O. Agenson, J. I. Oh, T. Kikuta, T. Urase (2003): Recent development and performance of nanofiltration membranes in water and wastewater treatment, Proc. of the fourth regional symposium on infrastructure development in civil engineering (RSID 4), Bankok, Thailand, 155. (Full document in CD-ROM)

(18) T. Urase, K. Nadaoka, O. Kusakabe, F. Siringan, K. Miyashita, Y. Suzuki (2003): Comparative study on contaminants in leachates from solid waste disposal sites and in road deposits in Japan and in the Philippines, Symposium on environmental issues related to infrastructure development, Makati, Philippines, 95-102.

(19) T. Kikuta, T. Urase (2003): Removal of endocrine disruptors in membrane separation activated sludge, Proc. of 5th international membrane science and engineering conference (IMSTEC-’03), Paper No. 27 (Outstanding contribution award).

(20) K. O. Agenson, J. I. Oh, T. Urase (2003): Influence of molecular structure on the rejection of volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds by nanofiltration, Proc. of 5th international membrane science and engineering conference (IMSTEC-’03), Paper No. 25.

(21) T. P. Garcia, T. Urase, Y. Suzuki (2004): Comparison of heavy metal pattern between water and sediments in Pasig river system, Philippines, Proc. of 3rd International conference on Engineering Education, (Full document in CD-ROM), Manila, Philippines.

(22) T. Urase, K. Sato (2005): Effect of pH on retention of pharmaceutical substances in nanofiltration, Proc. of International workshop on water management systems for creating healthy water environment JSCE, 61-65.

(23) T. Iwasa, Ta Thi Thao, T. Urase(2005): Heavy metal contents in roadside deposit and their comparison with soil matter collected at street water inlets, Proc. of JSCE annual meeting, 60, VII-145.

(24) S. Panyosaranya, T. Urase (2005): Emission of volatile organic compounds at landfill temperature, Proc. of Environmental forum JSCE, 42, 102-104.

(25) K. O. Agenson, T. Urase (2005): Performance of Nanofiltration / Reverse Osmosis Membranes for Removal of Plastic Additives and Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Water Treatment and Recycling, Integrated Concepts in Water Recycling -S.J. Khan, A.I. Schaefer, M.H. Muston (Eds) Pages 7-18

(26) H. K. Oh, C. Kagawa, T. Urase, I. Kasuga, D. Shimazaki, S. Kunikane (2006): Removal of ionic and non-ionic pharmaceuticals using GAC, 2006 conference of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers, (Full document in CD-ROM), Gyeonggi, Korea

(27) H. K. Oh, C. Kagawa, T. Urase, I. Kasuga, D. Simazaki and S. Kunikane (2006): Removal of pharmaceuticals through continuous operation of column filled with fresh and aged granular activated carbon, the 7th international symposium on water supply technology, Yokohama, Japan, Nov. 22-24, 2006.

(28) H. K. Oh, M. J. Yu and T. Urase (2007): Prediction of organic removal in enhanced carbon-ultrafiltration membrane, Proc. of IWA international conference on membranes for water and wastewater treatment, Harrogate, UK. (Full Document in CD ROM, 11C).

(29) T. Srisukphun, C. Chiemchaisri, T. Urase and K. Yamamoto (2007): Fouling Mechanism of Reverse Osmosis Membrane in Textile Wastewater Reuse Plant, Proc. of IWA international conference on membranes for water and wastewater treatment, Harrogate, UK. (Full Document in CD ROM, 18a).

(30) Taro Urase, Kenjiro Kanemaki, Liqiu Zhang, Heekyong Oh (2007): Effect of addition of powdered activated carbon on removal of a persistent pharmaceutical compound in a membrane bioreactor, Proc. of IWA international conference on membranes for water and wastewater treatment, Harrogate, UK. (Full Document in CD ROM, PS3.1).

(31) Long-Li Bo, Taro Urase, Xiao-chang Wang (2008): Biodegradation of trace pharmaceutical substances in wastewater by a membrane bioreactor. Proceedings of the international conference on advances in chemical technologies for water and wastewater treatment (CCS-XIAN2008), Xi’fan, May 2008, p541-546. (ISBN: 978-7-5369-4498-5)

(32) R. Naito, T. Urase, Y. Nakamura (2009): Estimation of leachability from the content of dioxins in sediment, Proc. of 5th international conference on remediation of contaminated sediments, Jacksonville, Florida.

(33) Ngoc Han Tran, Taro Urase, Osamu Kusakabe (2009): Role of nitrification in the degradation of selected pharmaceutically active compounds by enriched nitrifier culture. Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Occurrence, Fate, Effects, and Analysis of Emerging Contaminants in the Environment, 4-7 August 2009, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, USA.

(34) R. Naito, Y. Nakamura, T. Urase, H. Okumura, H. Tanaka (2010): Environmental fate of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in sediments of Nagoya port, 20th annual international conference on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Energy, March 15-18 2010, San Diego, California.
Best Student Poster Presentation.

(35) T. Urase, Y. Sasaki, H. Ichihara (2011): Factors affecting threshold odor numbers of biologically treated wastewater and possible countermeasures for the reduction, 4th IWA-ASPIRE conference and exhibition, Full paper in USB.

(36) Ahmad Shahata, Takumi Omata, Taro Urase (2013): Removal of color from molasses wastewater using membrane bioreactor with extremely acidic condition, Water and environment conference 2013, pp8.

(37) Ahmad Shahata, Taro Urase (2015): Treatment of saline wastewater by thermophilic membrane bioreactor, Water and environment conference 2015, pp10.

(38) Shuai ZHOU, Manae NINOSEKI, Asahi KUSABA, Kazuma NAKAGAWA, Taro URASE (2021): Bacterial species identified in the filtrate of microfiltration membranes in the separation of activated sludge, The Water and Environment Technology Conference Online 2021 (WET2021-online), 11th August 2021.

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